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    Unless you are strategic when it comes to planning your website, you'll launch to crickets, make zero money, and end up resenting all the time and effort you put in.

    My name is Ekaete, and I'm the CEO and Founder of Ekaete Inyang Digital Agency (EIDA). I empower female coaches and service providers to attract and convert their ideal paying client with a website that is both Wow and seeped in strategy. After working with me, my clients are able to launch with confidence and meet their revenue goals with ease.

    With almost 10 years in the corporate world designing and building highly profitable websites, I've learned the insider secrets that will help you show up online as if you have a 6-figure digital budget, even if you're just starting your business.

    This comprehensive blueprint (40+ pages) is everything you need to plan your profitable website launch. Grab my free guide today.